Cut Stones and Crossroads: A Journey in Peru

cut-stonesTravelling through Peru, tracing the history of the Incas from their royal cities of Cusco and Machu Picchu to their mythical origin in Lake Titicaca, Ronald Wright explores a country of contrasts—between Spanish and Indian, past and present, coastal desert and mountainous interior.

In his highly entertaining and perceptive account, Wright brings to life a complex culture, a land of ancient traditions seeking its place in the modern world. Embracing history, politics, anthropology and literature, Cut Stones and Crossroads is both a fascinating travel memoir and the study of a civilization by a writer who has won international awards as both a novelist and historian.


A New York Times Notable Book

Editor’s Choice:  Christian Science Monitor



“Ronald Wright is a superb travel writer with a vivid historical imagination… [He] describes ‘the two worlds of Peru’ with vigour, enthusiasm, affection and a sad, controlled anger.”
Dervla Murphy, Times Literary Supplement

“Wright is an acute and indefatigable observer, bound to be compared with Peter Matthiessen and Paul Theroux.”
Los Angeles Times

“A model of informed and enthralling travel writing…There will be few better books about Peru.”
John Keay, The Listener

“Wright expertly outline the politics and culture of a nation struggling to come to terms with the abrupt collapse of one world and the fitful emergence of the next.”
Globe & Mail

“A marvelous mixture of science and color reporting, antiquities and contemporary politics.”
Christian Science Monitor
“There is so much to praise about this excellent book.”
Washington Post

Publisher:  Penguin USA, UK, Canada

Copyright © Ronald Wright 2015
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