On Fiji Islands

fijiAs Ronald Wright observes, societies that do not eat people are fascinated by those that do—or did. Once known as the “Cannibal Isles”, the Fiji Islands are now an archipelago of cultures that flourish despite the invasion of colonizers in the 19th century and the troubles of today. A gifted writer—acutely observant, witty, and eclectic—Wright explores these South Sea islands and their unusual stance towards the outside world.


On Fiji Islands is a model of clarity and grace.”
Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Wright is a connoisseur of the ways in which civilizations prey on one another.  Two years ago he achieved instant fame with his portrait of Peru; now he has turned his attention to the south sea islands… writing with a seamless and economical grace.”
Times Educational Supplement

“Ronald Wright’s skills as an ethnologist, political historian, and travel writer have found an ideal outlet… an excellent book.”

“With a skeptical curiosity [Wright] tells us a great deal, in persuasive and evocative prose, about how the Fijians moved, in a century, from cannibalism to Methodism.”
Robert Fulford, New York Times Book Review

“Ronald Wright is a superb travel writer, erudite, humorous, without bias, equipped with a true historian’s nose and the patience to watch the passing scene over warm beer in a fly-blown hotel.”

“An instant success, [Cut Stones and Crossroads] took its place alongside older classics in the Penguin Travel Library. His new book in not only a worthy successor, but probably better.”

“Part travel memoir, part history and anthropology, this is a compelling story.”
Publishers Weekly

“This is a fine travel book, personal without being pretentious, open-eyed without being naive, and I’ll gladly travel with Wright wherever he goes next.”
Washington Post Book World

Publisher: Penguin USA, UK, Canada

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