Ronald Wright is the author of ten books of fiction, history, essays, and travel published in eighteen languages and more than forty countries. His first novel, A Scientific Romance, won Britain’s David Higham Prize for Fiction and was chosen a book of the year by the Sunday Times and the New York Times. Wright’s CBC Massey Lectures, A Short History of Progress, won the Libris Award for Nonfiction Book of the Year and inspired Martin Scorsese’s 2011 documentary film Surviving Progress. His other bestsellers include Time Among the Maya and Stolen Continents, chosen a book of the year by the Independent and the Sunday Times. His latest work is The Gold Eaters, a novel set during the Spanish invasion of the Inca Empire. Born in England to British and Canadian parents, Wright lives on Canada’s west coast.  For more see Biography

“Richly evocative, skillfully paced…a brilliant approach [to] both worlds, Inca and Spanish.”

Globe and Mail (The Gold Eaters)

“Wright is an extraordinary storyteller and historian. One of the best books I have ever read.”

Victoria Jonas, National Post (The Gold Eaters)

“A brilliant analysis of everything humanity has done to ruin itself down the ages.”

Jan Morris, Books of the Year, Independent on Sunday (A Short History of Progress)

“Wright sifts the findings of archaeology and anthropology with thoughtful grace to build a potent argument.”

Steven Poole, Guardian (A Short History of Progress)

“A brilliant, highly engaging travelogue, sparkling with wit, incisive observation and sheer good writing…Wright is the ideal travelling companion”

Paul William Roberts, Toronto Star (Time Among the Maya)

“An elegant novel . . .gripping and lyrical; you struggle to slow down but find yourself rushing forward.” 

The New Yorker (A Scientific Romance)

“Outstanding . . .Wright draws on his experience to make the old Maya as real as the new Guatemalans and it is all delivered with great style.” 

The Sunday Times (Time Among the Maya)

“Pure pleasure…deeply seductive and brilliantly sustained.”

The Observer (A Scientific Romance)